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A few things about me & what you'll find on monsterparade.com.... I've been illustrating professionally since 1997 for various clients including White Wolf/CCP, Onyx Path, Weird USA/NJ, and various private clients. My work has also been published in several Spectrum annuals. You can find a sampling of those works in my portfolio. I've always been drawn to horror & fantastic stories & imagery. I get a kick out of dark & mysterious things that bite and claw, shock and intrigue you. I work mostly in digital or acrylics. I also love to sculpt gruesome little curiosities, which I share on my facebook page. i've found inspiration in the artworks of Frank Frazetta, Brom, Donato Giancola, Douglas Carrel, Matt Stawicki, N.C. Wyeth, Norman Rockwell, Simon Brewer, Justin Sweet, Mark Zug, Annie Stegg and many more. Please check out my links to check out their sites along with other incredible artists. On this site you'll also find the MonsterParade shop which sells original art & prints by myself and my husband, who is also an illustrator. If you'd like to commission a piece of work please email with me with your budget, your deadlines and expectations. You can email me at wilkinsillustration@comcast.net.
The art of Cathy Wilkins
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